Community Standards

Code of Conduct

  • This is a place to have fun, make friends, learn skills and socialize.
  • We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, age, sexuality, appearance, religion or ability. 
  • Dance to the level of your partner and make them feel good about themselves and dancing with you.
  • Everyone is allowed to decline a dance, and anyone can ask anyone to dance.
  • Practice good hygiene, frequent hand washing, fresh clothes or a sweat towel and please don’t wear strong scents.


  • Leads, keep your follow safe on the floor, watch where you’re going and don’t do dips or tricks that could injure your partner, ask for permission first.
  • Guys, don’t touch women too intimately, and pay attention to their non verbal cues and body language and adjust accordingly. Do not turn a dance sexual unless you verbally ask for and receive consent.
  • You can end a dance at any time if you are uncomfortable or the person is disrespecting your boundaries.


  • It is not appropriate to critique or instruct your partner while social dancing unless it’s been established that feedback between you two is welcome (or unless they are hurting you or making you uncomfortable). 
  • Thank your partner after a dance, be respectful and courteous, and have FUN! That’s what social dancing is all about. Come talk to one of the community organizers if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We’re always here to help